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Macro Monday Mixer #10 – Dragonfly

Welcome back to another Macro Monday Mixer! How is everyone?  My husband was called out by the National Guard to help with the wildfires in Central Washington, so I have at least the next two weeks to myself. I’m torn between “Woo-hoo! Turn up the music and dance!” and “Ugh, this is going to be a long and lonely two weeks.” Right now I’m straddling the middle by loudly listening to a Medina album while editing photos. I hope to get more Hawaii trip planning done (still can’t believe I’m going) and actually venture beyond my backyard for photos, creaky joints permitting.

In photography news, I found this Paddle-tailed darner on the sidewalk earlier this week. He was sadly on his way out of this world, so I scooped him up and brought him home to photograph before humanely euthanizing him. I’d like to try my hand at pinning him.

Clicking on the photos will take you to my Flickr account where you can view them full-sized.


DSCN5142Bet you didn’t know dragonflies had so much hair! DSCN5136

This guy had a couple of very small hitchhikers on him.

DSC_0029DSC_0039 Let’s link up! Share your macro and close up photos from ANY platform. Macro Monday Mixer You can find me linking up with:  Inspire-Me-Monday-Button-1502sharethelove macro monday 2        




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Macro Monday Mixer #8

I’ve been working quite a bit, and I reinjured my foot, so I don’t have too many photos to share for this week’s Macro Monday Mixer.

Remember my tadpoles? Well here’s two of them – all grown up! Well, sort of. They’re about the size of a dime.


froggie 3

froggie 2

A spider mite on wildflowers that I picked.

spider mite on flower

Enough from me though – let’s see those macros and close-ups! Remember that you can share from ANY platform – Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, blogs, etc. Link up will be open until Wednesday at 5 pm CST.

macro monday mixer

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Macro Monday Mixer #5

It was overcast most of this week, and for the first time since moving, I’m actually missing New Mexico weather. I guess I’m a little homesick. But the show, or in this case, the Macro Monday Mixer, must go on, so here’s my photos from the week. I took advantage of the one bit of sun we had to go capture some wildflowers. I can’t wait to see what you’ll link up!

wild iris
Wild Iris
white clover
White Clover. This grows EVERYWHERE here.
western spring beauty
Western Spring Beauty
western bleeding heart
Western Bleeding Heart
I don’t know what exactly this is called, but I thought it was a neat subject to photograph.
A close-up of one of the cupcakes I made last week. If you click on the picture, you’ll go to my recipe for Blueberry Compote Cupcakes – Three Ways.

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Macro Monday Mixer #1

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I was worried that I wouldn’t have anything to share for Macro Monday, as it has rained quite a bit this week. Rain, in the Pacific Northwest?! You are just shocked by that, aren’t you?

There was a brief reprieve yesterday though, so I snapped what photos I could.


Green bottle fly. I know flies can certainly be disgusting at times, but you have to admit, they can be pretty at times, too.

Green bottle fly captured by allthevs.com

This was hard to get, because the droplet started rolling off the leaf.

Water droplet on leaf - allthevs.com

Close up of coral I found while vacationing at South Padre Island years ago. The one and only time I’ve been to a hot, sandy beach.

Close up of coral - allthevs.com

Talk about another hard shot to get – this spider is about 3 mm, and had her web strung up between the recycling can and the trash can. It was a breezy day, and the web kept moving. I think it is a Cross Orbweaver Spiderling – Araneus diadematus. I’ve brought her inside and set her up in a nice enclosure, so I’m hoping I’ll have luck raising her to see what she becomes. She likely won’t stay orange. I think orbweavers are amazing – spinning a new web every night. Can you imagine having to build your house every.single.day?!


I have no idea what these are. They started coming up in my front garden. Anyone know what they could be? I thought tulips at first, but aren’t tulip bulbs green?

Unidentified purple bulbs sprouting, with water droplet. allthevs.com

My tadpoles are continuing to grow and are starting to resemble frogs. A few of them are even starting to grow their legs. I expect another week or two before they are ready to climb out of the water. So exciting!

Tadpole macro - allthevs.com

Sluggy sluggy slug.

Slug on backyard porch - allthevs.com

Slug slime - allthevs.com

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Thanks for stopping by! Without further ado….

It’s time for the first Macro Monday Mixer link up!


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I’ll feature the top three clicked links on next Monday’s link-up, plus I’ll be pinning your photos to my photography board on Pinterest. You can follow it here.

The only rules of this link up are:

  • No adult content
  • No links that take you directly to a sales page (i.e. an Etsy shop)
  • Photos must be close-ups or macros. No landscape, portrait, etc.
Please don’t link and run! Visit some of the other blogs – you never know what you will find!

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