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I’m Stephanie, the “V” that runs this blog. I blog when I feel like it, so you won’t hear me talking about how this is a business.

I live in the Pacific Northwest. I have a lot of animals. I like beauty, fashion, cooking, baking, and photography. I work from home as a Salesforce system administrator. I adore nature and animals, especially reptiles and invertebrates. 95% of my photos are plants, insects, or animals. My dogs are both rescues and I firmly believe in adopting vs buying. They are my furbabies and my best friends.

I have a teenager who occasionally pops up on my posts, but privacy is a concern for us both, so you won’t see too much of her around here. She’s awesome though. Just take my word for it.

I own (but no longer manage) a Facebook group for bloggers to share posts that aren’t about kids or parenting. Click here to join.




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