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Five on Friday – Wildfires

It’s the end of the workweek (not that I work anymore), which means another Five on Friday! I wish I could say it’s been a great week, but for so much of the state, it has been a nightmare.

1.Mr. V was called up on Sunday to go help with the fires in Central Washington. He’s acting in an administrative role with the Washington National Guard, so he’s not in any danger, but I worry for all of the personnel who are battling these fires and the residents who are in the path of danger. So many homes have been lost, and now three firefighters have lost their lives: Tom Zbyszewski, Andrew Zajac, and Richard Wheeler. Daniel Lyon, the fourth crew member involved in what is thought to be a vehicle accident while escaping the fire, suffered third-degree burns on 1/2-2/3 of his body.

20150818_190628 20150820_131313

More than 400,000 acres are burning across Washington, with gusty winds forecasted for this weekend. DNR is setting up a coordination center to handle offers of help or equipment. Omak City Hall and the state Department of Transportation office in Colville will organize training sessions for those not currently qualified to serve on the fire line.


To volunteer your time: For Omak, call 360-826-2546 or email; for Colville, call 509-675-7847 or email Offers will be reviewed starting at 7 am Friday.

The Community  Foundation of North Central Washington is collection donations for victims of the fires through the Chelan Valley Fire Relief Fund. or 509-663-7716

Okanogan County Community Action Council is providing aid for immediate needs such as gas, food, and shelter. 509-442-4041

Room One in Twisp is accepting donations. or 509997-2050

The Salvation Army office in Wenatchee is collecting money to supply fire victims with gas cards and thrift store vouchers. or 1-800-SAL-ARMY (designate gift cards to “Northwest Fires”)

The Red Cross is accepting donations. or 1-800-RED-CROSS or text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10.

The United Way of Chelan and Douglas Counties is taking donations through its Sleepy Hollow fire relief fund. You can specify in comments a specific fire to direct donations. or 509-662-8261

Vern is taking advantage of Mr. V’s absence to stretch out on that side of the bed. Since both Mr. V and Vern snore, it’s almost like I’m not alone in bed, although one definitely has worse breath than the other.

2.It’s hard for me to use the blow dryer anymore, so I went to my wonderful stylist and had her color and cut my hair. My scalp is still a little pink and I clearly don’t bother with more than running a comb through my hair but I’m happy with it ;p


3.I’m pet sitting this beautiful kitty once again while her humans are on vacation. Isn’t she just a gorgeous cat? She’s very cuddly and insists that I pet her while she eats.

Sophie sophiebandw

4.It’s been a good week for photos, for a change.


5.Still no word on my referral to the rheumatologist. I did a home sleep study  last weekend and that came back normal, which I expected. I’m surprised they learned anything from it – it’s not easy to sleep with a big chunk of plastic stuck to your forehead.

What I posted this week:
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Have you tried Lip Monthly? I posted my review of the monthly subscription service.

6.Bonus item, I guess?

Madonna quietly released a new video not too long ago. No waves were made, but it’s everything I wish music videos still were.

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On love and loss

Animal lovers know that when we welcome a pet into our home – whether they are dogs that will be loyal and give more love to us than we could possibly give to them because love is all they know, a lizard that knows who you are but isn’t too keen on cuddling, a rat that snuggles up to you while balancing on your shoulder, or a hedgehog you have to wake up to interact with because he’s nocturnal – our time with them will end more often than not long before we leave this world ourselves. Our hearts are permanently imprinted with paws, claws, and even slithers of pets we have loved and lost.

We have lost many pets throughout the years, to cancer, to old age, to illness. Every single one has left a hole that can never be filled; a wound that will never quite heal. It doesn’t matter the size, breed, or species – every pet we have is family, and loved equally.

Mr. Hogles, our adorable spiky buddy, passed away yesterday. He had been fighting pneumonia but the infection was just too much for him. He took his last breaths in my lap.

There will be no update in the camera series and no Macro Monday Mixer on the 15th. I will return to my regularly scheduled postings by the 17th.




can we please stop insisting that school dress codes are sexist

Can we please stop insisting school dress codes are sexist?

If you have spent any time on the Internet, you will likely have seen this picture by now.


Many people feel that the girl did the right thing, and fully support her.

I have a different take on it.

can we please stop insisting that school dress codes are sexist

I am a product of public education. At no point in my school career was there not a dress code in place. It was always a rather standard dress code: No spaghetti strap shirts, no sagging pants, no shirts with graphics that promote sex, drugs, alcohol, firearms, or gang activity. Skirts and shorts needed to be no more than 4” above the knee. No bare midriffs. You get the picture.

I don’t quite understand when dress codes became sexist. Is it sexist because girls are required to cover up their “private parts”? Boys are certainly required to cover up theirs. Is it sexist because girls wear undergarments that boys don’t? That seems like a silly argument to make. Girls wear bras, boys don’t. Obviously, since girls are not boys. We’re comparing apples to cherries with that approach.

The rules cannot be the same for both genders because girls and boys are not the same. Girls have body parts that boys do not, and vice versa.

Boys are not allowed to sag their pants to show off their underwear. I have never seen anyone cry sexism over that. Why is a girl complaining about being told to not expose her undergarments considered sexist? Undergarments are undergarments. There’s no favoritism there. There’s no sexism there. School dress codes are designed to create a distraction-free environment.

Boys are not allowed to sag their pants to show off their underwear. I have never seen anyone cry… Click To Tweet

The very idea that it’s sexist to tell a girl to not show her bra straps in school is ludicrous. School is not a fashion show. School is not the movies, the park, the mall, or any other venue. School is a kid’s job. It is their primary responsibility. Why shouldn’t they dress the part?

I don’t know about you, but wearing a mini skirt and midriff shirt to work would not have went over well anywhere that I ever worked. Perhaps my bosses were sexist. Or perhaps they were just following a dress code. Likely a similar one to those in public and private schools across the nation.

If the “right” to show a bra strap in school or wear short shorts is more important than the education those kids are being sent for, because boys simply shouldn’t be distracted by the very thing they are designed to be distracted by at a genetic level, then please, stop this planet. I want off. If you have ever dated anyone, ever, you likely did so because you found them physically attractive. It was quite possibly someone you met at work, or in college, or while out with friends. You were distracted enough to notice him or her.

A shirt with a marijuana leaf on it isn’t appropriate for school. If a girl wears one, and is told to remove it, is that going to be sexist too? Or is that okay because there’s no way to turn that into a “ZOMG I HAD TO CHANGE SHIRTS CAUSE BOOBS” problem?

The problem here is not school dress codes. The problem here is not the members of our species with testosterone and raging hormones. The problem here is finding a problem when there isn’t one. If these teens can’t stand being told to follow a dress code at school, however will they survive in the work force?

Thinking you have no choice will only set you up for negative thoughts. You always have choices.

You always have a choice.

And here we are at day 8: “A piece of advice you have for others. Anything at all.”

I think the best advice I can give is this: You always have a choice. You may not like the options you have to choose from, but the phrase, “I had/have no choice” is a big fat lie people tell themselves to justify their anger at a situation and their feelings of powerlessness. There is always a choice, even if it’s the lesser of two evils. Or the lesser of two weevils. Or the lesser of two Knievals. Maybe even the lesser of two Beatles.

Thinking you have no choice will only set you up for negative thoughts. You always have choices.


Similar negative habits of thinking include, “He/she made me do it,” “You make me feel this way,” and “You left me no choice.” You’re not a puppet. No one is controlling your strings.

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