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On love and loss

Animal lovers know that when we welcome a pet into our home – whether they are dogs that will be loyal and give more love to us than we could possibly give to them because love is all they know, a lizard that knows who you are but isn’t too keen on cuddling, a rat that snuggles up to you while balancing on your shoulder, or a hedgehog you have to wake up to interact with because he’s nocturnal – our time with them will end more often than not long before we leave this world ourselves. Our hearts are permanently imprinted with paws, claws, and even slithers of pets we have loved and lost.

We have lost many pets throughout the years, to cancer, to old age, to illness. Every single one has left a hole that can never be filled; a wound that will never quite heal. It doesn’t matter the size, breed, or species – every pet we have is family, and loved equally.

Mr. Hogles, our adorable spiky buddy, passed away yesterday. He had been fighting pneumonia but the infection was just too much for him. He took his last breaths in my lap.

There will be no update in the camera series and no Macro Monday Mixer on the 15th. I will return to my regularly scheduled postings by the 17th.




Feral hog in the yard!

Oh no! A feral hog in the yard! Oh, wait, that’s just our small spiky buddy, Mr. Hogles! He loves getting to explore the backyard. Please send good thoughts for him. He is very ill with pneumonia and is an “ICU” in our bedroom (it’s a box with a humidifier piping mist into it). We are hoping the combination of pampering and antibiotics will pull him through this, but our optimism is very cautious at this point.

Hedgehog in the yard 4

Hedgehog in the yard 5

hedgehog in the yard 3

hedgehog  in the yard 7

hedgehog in the yard 1

hedgehog in the yard 2


Glimmer of Hope


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The Dachshund hilariously rejects sea-faring.

We took a trip to Point Defiance on Sunday, and we let Vern, our standard Dachshund, tag along. He had never seen the ocean (to my knowledge), and we weren’t sure if he was going to love it or hate it.

He definitely wanted none of it. After Paul carried him down to the beach, he would dig his little paws into the ground and refuse to move. Paul kept him away from the water while I searched for driftwood and shells, but I could hear him whining even over the sound of the ocean rolling in. He was at maximum pathetic. The only time he seemed remotely comfortable was when he found something interesting to on a boulder.

vern sniffing

Here’s a short video of me trying to coax him down the stairs leading to the beach. It is so worth a minute of your time to watch! (Sorry for how bright it is, I forgot to reset my ISO settings.)

It was an all-around awful weekend for Vern, who had to have a bath earlier that day to wash off his best attempts at being as stinky as possible. I don’t even want to know what he found to roll in.

He has such a hard life, can’t you tell? Here he is getting a bite of salmon. He is obviously ecstatic.

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pic.
Sorry for the crappy cell phone pic and bad lighting. This was in my old house.

We will take Vinny next time, who will likely find the beach fascinating, because everything is new and fascinating when you’re Vinny.

How do your dogs feel about water? Any funny stories to share? I’d love to read them!

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