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Macro Monday Mixer #9

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After a break, I am back with another Macro Monday Mixer. I’ve missed this part of the week, so I’m excited to be participating again and see what everyone has captured through their lens! As for me….

This little Goldenrod Crab Spider seemed to think she was at a rave. Dance, spider, dance!
spider dancing


Have you noticed how much light plays a key role in the emotional reaction to your photos? Take the difference between these two. The brighter photo can be less menacing to people who dislike spiders than the darker one, although I prefer the darker one aesthetically.
goldenrod crab spider lighter

goldenrod crab spider darker

A coiled fern leaf in the morning light. I love this photo for it’s color, vibrancy, and serenity. I’m needing all the serenity I can get right now.


I was photographing in front of a gray wall for most of the photos I’m sharing this week, which lends to a darker look that I’m liking right now.

yellow flower2



XShot Photo accessory

Vinny looks morose here, but he’s only upset because I woke him from a nap and didn’t pet him.

Macro Monday Mixer

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Due to time and other factors, I will no longer be featuring photos each week. I hope this doesn’t deter anyone from linking up. I will continue to pin the linked-up photos to my Pinterest board.

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Five on Friday: Fave Looks For Under $50

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I (finally!) had some time off though and wanted to share my fave looks for under $50 for this Five on Friday. This is not so much a “where to buy” or “shop this look” post, more like  “Here’s some looks I like, maybe you’ll get some ideas for yourself.” I’ve included links and costs when possible.

Fave Summer Lunch/Dinner Date Look

Fave date night look. See more at
Please ignore the red polish leftover from the 4th of July.

Fave date night look. See more at Fave date night look. See more at

I get quite a lot of compliments on this outfit. I usually pair it with a teal cardigan since it can get chilly at night (and what’s with restaurants trying to freeze us out?) here in the PacNW. I love that the tank top is snake print without being obnoxious about it.

Capris: Downeast Basics (clearance, $20)
Top: Target (clearance, $10ish).
Shoes: American Eagle from Payless ($20)


The lipstick I’m wearing is So Susan Colour Hybrid lip/cheek mouse and was included in June’s Lip Monthly bag, which is a $10/month subscription service that focuses on lip products. I’ll have a full review on that up soon. If you’d like to check it out yourself, you can do so here*.

So Susan Colour Hybrid .


This lipstick goes on so so matte, and it reminds me of chalk paint. It was so weird the first time I tried it; I’ve never felt anything like it. However, there’s NO transfer at all and it has some good staying power. I’m wearing a clear gloss over it.

Fave Casual Weekend/Day Off Look

Casual look from Downeast Basics for under $50. Casual look from Downeast Basics for under $50. Casual look from Downeast Basics for under $50. http://www.allthevs.comSkirt and top: Downeast Basics (Skirt $27.99, top was on clearance for $5.99 but there’s more currently on sale at DB for $11.99.) I bought the top in both black and white. They are so soft and comfortable.
Shoes: Target, girl’s size 3 ($14.99). I normally wear a women’s size 5 but a girl’s 3 is the equivalent size at Target and Payless.

Honorable Mention:

Jeans and shirt from The Buckle. See more at Jeans and shirt from The Buckle. See more at

Jeans (on sale for $49.97) and shirt ($29.95) are both Daytrip brand from Buckle. While the clothing there is not necessarily inexpensive, the fit is top notch since sizing goes by waist (e.g. 24″, 30″, etc.). My jeans from Buckle fit me better than any others. I’ve worn the jeans pictured here probably 50 times since last year and they show zero signs of wear. Well worth the money if you are going to splurge on quality denim. Their shirts have held up very well too and I find they run mostly true to size.

Casual look: white pants and blue striped shirt. See more at

I know the length of these white pants might bother some people, but since they are white, I appreciate that they stop short of hitting the ground. They were on clearance at Old Navy for $14 because they were a return to the store but purchased online. They are super comfy and currently on sale for $28. Shirt is a girl’s XL from Macy’s, on sale for $15 (when you wear a women’s XS and you don’t have a large chest, a girl’s XL often fits just as well and I appreciate that girl’s tops are frequently more modest than women’s tops). Sandals were from Target and I they were either $15 or $20.


Work is keeping me quite busy and wore out, plus my desktop has decided it doesn’t want to register USB ports anymore, so I’m well over a month behind on blog posts, in case you were wondering if I had just bailed on blogging. Editing photos is a hassle on my laptop (or I’m just spoiled by my large HD monitor on the desktop). I can’t get even the laptop to network reliably with my desktop to pull photos from it. Ugh! To top it off, my D3100 is acting up and not wanting to take clear photos. Technology just doesn’t seem to like me lately. I suppose it can’t get worse though, right? At least I have things to share, when I find the time and patience to share them!

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